Rycom History - History of Thermometers Factory - Rycom

Rycom was Founded

In 2000, Guangzhou Berrcom Medical Device Co., Ltd. was established at Guangzhou, and Rycom was set up.

Invented the first infrared thermometer

In the year of SARS breaking out, our professional technicians researched and produced the first Rycom Infrared Thermometer.

Passed CE and ISO Verification

With CE and ISO 13485 certifications obtained, Rycom’s high-quality products have been sold in Europe.

FDA Certified

In 2008, Rycom passed the FDA 510 K certification and opened up the market in America.

Cooperated with famous pharmacy

Rycom maintained strategic partnerships with hundreds of famous chain pharmacies and baby stores due to our high-accuracy and safety products.

Became one of the Guangdong High-Tech Enterprises

Rycom successfully achieved recognition from Guangdong High-Tech Enterprises as the factory with strong innovation capacity.

RoHS Listed

We have successfully passed the RoHS verification process, which confirms the quality of all materials and products we use.

Passed the Unannounced Inspection by FDA

Thanks to the standardized 7s management that regulates our everyday production, we passed the examination without any special preparation.

A Patent for an Invention

We invented an infrared temperature-measuring gun and the temperature measuring method based on our industry insights.

Sales Volume Surge

With the joint effort of all our departments and employees, the sales volume reached 100 million RMB.

Social Responsibility

In response to the national One Belt, One Road policy, we donated thermometers to the Republic of South Sudan, building a bridge between China and Africa.

Rycom Profile

A professional, innovative and reliable thermometer supplier.


Rycom Corporate Social Responsibility

Something out of business profit.