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two engineers discussing an infrared thermometer's design

Market-Driven R&D

To keep your business profitable, we make sure our thermometers are marketable from the very beginning of our R&D.

We unite expertise from home and abroad to share information once a month on both the industry and the products.

We are sure to take the innovative lead in what the market really needs and make quick response to the consumers' preferences.

testing infrared thermometer in the lab
two engineers looking at the prototype of an infrared thermometer and discussing

One More Function Means a Lot More Efforts.

Before a thermometer can go into mass production, it has gone through a long journey in our R&D lab.

Our R&D team and its talented engineers will have the engineering sample tested in the thermostatic chamber. Only after the engineering sample stands the tests, it can be passed to the pre-production (PP) phase.

researching the internal layout with the help of prototype and the 3D drawing

Internal Structure Optimization:

Going After
Better Design

The market trend has always been guiding us. We head for:

  • The more advanced measuring technology concerning measuring distance;

  • The more fashionable, portable, lighter styles;

  • A higher accuracy for clinical use.

Every condensed space needs thousands of tests and trials. We keep optimizing the internal layout of PCB to make a perfect product possible.

an engineer studying assembling moves


Exploring Automation Possibilities

We have been exploring the possibilities of increasing and improving production capacity to satisfy the market needs.

We set up a specialized department to study the repetitive moves performed when assembling a thermometer, and then we try to program them into our self-developed machines.

We are proud to announce that every worker in Rycom, by adopting Artificial Intelligence, yields the maximum quantity of thermometers possible within the industry.

Self-Developed Machines
that Boost the Production Capacity

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